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Welcome to EVEDEN: Next Level Card Game.

Updated: Jan 11

The strategic card game with unique mechanic

Eveden was originally a physical card game that was introduced in Thailand. We chose to begin as a physical card game because of the unique ecosystem it possesses. It provides players complete ownership of all assets they purchase.

Unlike a digital game, you do not actually own any of the assets at all. The statement may seem strange, but the hard cold truth is that you do not own anything you purchase in the digital game but merely rent them.

However, with the introduction of NFT, we can make the impossible happen. Since NFT provides Digital Asset with a unique signature, you may now actually own digital assets. Therefore, we can now transcend the whole physical ecosystem directly onto the blockchain, where players across the world may join the ecosystem to build a new cozy community together.

We will release more information about Eveden: Next Level Card Game soon.

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Until the next update of Eveden: Next Level Card Game.

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