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Faction “Zerzura” in real life!!

Every faction in Eveden is ‘based on real cities’ in our world. Also the newborn of Zerzura.

Inthe real world, Zerzura is a mythical oasis in the great desert of the Sahara, far west of the Nile river in Egypt. An Arabic manuscript named “Kitab al Kanuz” said “Zerzura is a city in the Sahara full of treasure with a sleeping king and queen. The city is guarded by black giants who keep anyone from going in and coming out.”

Back to the history of ancient Egypt in 525 BC. In the reign of Cambyses II of the Achaemenid Empire, who conquered Ancient Egypt and was also the successor of the king who had taken down the Babylonia Empire, Cyrus the great.

After the enthronement of Cambyses II, Egypt change its ruler for almost 2,300 years and gain independence from England in 1922.

Also, Zerzura in the world of Eveden originated from a person who escaped from the conqueror faction and build a place full of treasure and then sleep everlasting.

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