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Faction “Xumerian” in real life!!

Some of us were heard about “Sumerian”. Of course, they are the very first civilization around the river of Tigris–Euphrates near Persia Gulf. But they are PEOPLE, not PLACE!! However, the historians call the area where the first civilization settle down as “Sumer” and it is the foundation of Sumerian language, many mighty empires, cities and heroes.

Let’s skip the time to the age of Akkadian, the first empire after the long last civilization of Sumer. They invented a new language called “Akkadian” and lift “Sumerian” higher as the spiritual and academic language instead. Even, Akkadian language is the main language in the area for thousand years, the empire is only last for around 200 years!! It also called as the ancient Babylon empire and the Epic of Gilgamesh was first create in this late era too.

Speak of “Epic of Gilgamesh”, this kind of literature is a story of hero. In this story, the protagonist is Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, one of the cities in Akkadian Empire.

However, this Epic was separated in two ages. First in the late era of Akkadian about 2100 BC. The second one looks more complete than the first one, it’s written in the first of Babylonia Empire around 1800–1200 BC.

But no matter how mighty they are, Babylonia was offended by Alaxander the Great of Achemanid Empire, and this is the END of Babylon.

But in Eveden Babylon is one of the cities in Xumerian, isn’t it!?

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