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Faction “Shambhala” in real life!!

Shambhala have a strong theme and reference from “Himmapan Forest” with a little twist of Cybernetic creature. But Himmapan Forest that we know doesn’t really a Forest!!

Before talking about Himmapan Forest. Let me introduce you about Triloga first. Triloga is a book about Budhism cosmology and there is an area called “Himmapan Mountain” but you might sound familiar a mountain called “Himalayas”.

In Triloga, Himmapan is the mountain with 7 lakes. These lakes are the habitation of the strange plants and animals. So, we use this strength to design Eveden version of Himmapan Creatures.

Moreover, the Faction’s name “Shambhala” is also sharing the Budhism belief but from another sect. In the book of Kalachakra Tantra, Shambhala is the mythology city that hide in Asia. Somes are call this city, Buddhism Utopia. Accidentally, there’s a belief that this city is on the mountain of Himalayas like Himmapan Forest too!!!

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Until the next update of Eveden: Next Level Card Game.

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