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Faction “Nomadic” in real life!!

The first concept of Nomadic is to build the faction of the conqueror in the world of Eveden. In the real world, many conquerors in history are located in the middle east.

For that reason, Nomadic’s design is inspired by the massive pile of sand for making is related to heroism in the real world. “King Xerxes I”, an archetype of “Xerxes, Empress of None” was the King of Kings who rule over the ancient Achaemenid Empire (the first Persia Empire) that was located in the middle east too.

Talk about the desert, every kind of resource is the rarest thing in the desert. So, the armed cities on the wheel that roam around to find the resources might sound interesting!!

Maybe you will see another king from the nearby Empire fighting for precious resources!?

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Until the next update of Eveden: Next Level Card Game.

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