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Faction “Elysium” in real life!!

Elysium, the City of Fate is named after “Elysium Plain” which is the afterlife territory in Greek Mythology. Whoever can come to this place must be chosen by gods or must be a heroic person. Elysium or Elysion in Latin is mean “a place or state of ideal happiness”. For Asian people, some of you might sound familiar with “Sukhawadee Land” which also means the land of happiness.

However, Greek Mythology is also a part of Ancient Greek religion their sermon was only taught by word of mouth. So, this thing is more like a Believe than Myth.

Those two topics are the causes that make Elysium in Eveden a peaceful city, the people have high morality and their own religion. THAT is what the noble wants us to know, but what is reality?

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