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6 Reasons that make Eveden: Next Level Card Game Unique

Updated: Jan 11

Last time, we released an update about Game Element. This time, we will talk about

6 Reasons That Make Eveden: Next Level Card Game Unique that will draw your attention and let you know more about us.


1.Ecosystem :

In 1993 trading card games were first introduced in the US. Since then, a unique ecosystem has been forged through time. What’s special about this ecosystem is that it wasn’t designed by the creator but instead directed by the community. It attracts all types of people, such as

The player who wants to have fun The collector who raises the values of cards The trader who drives the market The competitive player who promotes the game

With all these people combined, the ecosystem proved to be one of the most successful systems that lasted almost three decades and drove the value of cards over millions of dollars.

Eveden is no different; we originated from that same ecosystem and would like to keep it that way. Therefore, instead of forging a new unproven ecosystem for Eveden, we decided to duplicate that exact same ecosystem directly onto the blockchain. Where NFTs become the focal point of Eveden with no crypto token.


2.Free-to-Win :

Surprisingly, there is something that Gamefi and Card Game have in common.

You have to invest in the asset before being able to play the game but do we need to follow these constructs? Now-a-day, games are becoming free-to-play, and we believe

it’s a good thing.

When we say free-to-play, we didn’t mean for you to log in and get tossed around. That’s not fun. To be fun, you must at least have a fighting chance with your opponent. So we decided to make Eveden completely free where everyone has an equal chance of accessing all cards in the Eveden by using our Crafting System. However, cards created by this system are not NFT. So you will only be able to play them, but you won’t be able to trade them.

Free-to-Play is already a massive plus for Eveden but to truly duplicate the TCG Ecosystem you need to be able to obtain rewards. Under normal circumstancesgiving out a token for free is a highway to token surplus but since we only give out NFT, it’s a game-changer. This is because NFTs have a limited supply. Therefore, if we constantly give out different NFTs, all NFTs will ultimately maintain their values due to their scarcity. How do we know this is true? This is exactly how physical cards maintain their value.


3.Expand Your Collection :

The original concept for the card game was designed to be gathered by the player to form a collection.

It still occurs today in many card games. With the technology of NFT, we could follow that same ideology on the blockchain.

However, this original concept also has a downside because it drives the game in a pay-to-win direction which is not what we want for Eveden. Therefore, in association with our crafting system, we offer NFT as an alternative choice that only prompts benefits to their owner but does not affect their chance of winning.

In Eveden, NFT cards do not offer different alternatives or ability boosts to the card. They will have the same attribute as their non-NFT counterparts but will offer cosmetic properties. In addition to their cosmetic properties, these NFTs will also boost your daily limit of Eve Shards. As a result, you will be able to open more booster packs than those with less collection.

So the bigger your collection is, the more chances you will gain NFT in Eveden. It sounds simple, but here’s the catch. All NFTs are very in limited supply, which means not everyone will be able to obtain them. Although we will constantly update the new NFT on a monthly basis, it will never be the same cards from a pass collection.


4.Road-to-Esport :

A competitive environment is an essential part of the Card Game Ecosystem. It not only promotes the game but also drives the community with its activities. Within these activities, participated players usually have a chance to earn a new limited product provided exclusively by that event. It could be cards, playmat, merchandise, or even cash. Since we would like to duplicate the ecosystem, let’s go all the way.

Each month in Eveden, we will be hosting a seasonal event. Within these events, the player has several ways to earn Exclusive Dark Matter 1/10 NFT, which are tradable. These cards will only be given out in the season they are issued, so if you miss them, you miss them.

Example : To earn these cards are completing the Level Season Pass or dominating the weekly tournament.

In terms of a cash prize, it’s up to all of us. Each month 10% of Eveden’s monthly revenue will be allocated to the top ranking of Eveden. This would be almost like a mini-monthly esports tournament with a prize pool of over 100K BUSD each month. If that’s not fascinating enough, 20% of Eveden’s annual revenue will be allocated to the Official Eveden Folgyda World Series. A Tournament where we will hunt for the best player in the world. Let’s join hands to create the best community ever together.


5.Proven Gameplay :

Unlike the majority of Gamefi, we already have proven gameplay. Although it is not digitized, it works physically in real-life. Now, this might not sound fascinating but hold on to that thought. We are about to explain why.

Designing a game is not an easy process. You have to consider many factors, from how the game will balance throughout the patch to the community’s satisfaction. This can only be achieved through trial and error, and to do so, we need to program the game and test it, right? What happens if it does not work out? You might need to disassemble the whole thing, code by code, and that’s not an ideal scenario.

Luckily, Eveden is a fully functional game to begin with. It was launched in 2020 and is still operating today. Although we did make some adjustments through the years, we believe we reached the optimal gameplay for Eveden. This means we know exactly how the algorithms work before we start coding. So rest assured, we are dead serious about creating an actual game, and it won’t take decades to get done.


6.Lore & Artwork :

The value of a painting is as much as the story it tells.

This also applies to card games as well. In hindsight, the ability and meta are the first things people look at in terms of values, but it’s not the only factor. Lore & Artwork also contribute a lot. For instance, if some character lore or designbecomes a fan favorite, their card will become favorable. Therefore the price will rise regardless of its ability.

This is why at SheRio & Co, we invest significantly in genesising a new realm for Eveden. We start by introducing an apocalyptic event that collides Earth with another fictional planet and restarts humanity from its remains. As a twist, we created an additional life-form to live with us. As a result, it deviates our timeline to a different alteration.

Through the story of Eveden, you will pass by many familiar mythological and historical figures. However, since it’s an alternate timeline, they might not turn out exactly as you know them.

You might stumble upon Leonardo Davinci but he might not be as artistic, or maybe Mona Lisa might actually be him?

Stay closed with us in our Discord and other Social Community to catch up the next update. Maybe, “MAYBE” you’ll get an airdrop their.

Follow us : Discord | Twitter | Facebook

Until the next update of Eveden: Next Level Card Game.

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